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Why I’m keeping a surf diary

By February 28, 2017 Surf more, Thoughts
Surf diary

When I was landlocked, I blogged about every surf I’d ever had out of sheer excitement…which was great at the time as it allowed me to feel more connected to surfing. It also fulfilled the original purpose of the blog – to track my surf progress (kinda like an online surf diary).

Now I surf a lot more and live closer to the coast, I don’t feel the need to shout every single time I hit the waves. It’s also probably a bit dull for you guys too, and not very exciting to hear about me wiping out in minuscule detail!

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Cornwall bucket list item #18 – St Nectan’s Glen

By February 19, 2017 Escape
Secret Waterfall St Nectans Glen

I’ve been in a bit of a funk just lately. After the surprising high of January, I’ve crashed a bit this month and had a major bout of homesickness. Despite keeping up with the gym, I’ve lacked motivation to surf or blog and I completely caved in on myself and hid away at home.

Thankfully, I have some amazing friends who helped to pick me up off the floor and get me out of the house. Last week was a good opportunity to revive the Cornwall bucket list so when Jenny suggested checking out a waterfall, little did I know when I met up with her that she was talking about St Nectan’s Glen.

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Cornwall bucket list item #1 – Boscastle

By August 5, 2016 Escape
Boscastle harbour

I’ve done it! I’ve ticked the first item off my Cornwall bucket list!

And where better place to start than at the top of the list with item number 1: visit Boscastle and the Witchcraft museum.

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23 things to tick off my Cornwall bucket list

By July 10, 2016 Escape, Love

Holywell Bay

Despite holidaying in Cornwall for many years, I’ve barely scratched the surface of places to visit, paths to wander, beaches to explore and hidden gems to find.

When we moved to Cornwall 8 months ago, I wanted to explore my new home straight away. Despite it being Winter, I ticked a few things off my list – visiting St Agnes and Port Isaac, walking the coast path around Bedruthan Steps, surfing Polzeath and eating at Lusty Glaze beach restaurant.

But since moving house, working, building up my freelance business, surfing and getting back into my fitness, I haven’t found the time for many day trips.

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