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My week with Surf Sistas

By October 10, 2017 Surf more, Thoughts
Wave hunting

At the start of the year, I explored ways in which I could work more actively towards my surf goals. I’d only ever had one off surf lessons and loved the idea of doing something more intensive. I didn’t have the money for an overseas surf trip, and as I mainly surf in Cornwall anyway, a week on Surf Sistas ‘white to green’ course sounded ideal.

I’m willing to bet that when anyone envisages a week’s surf trip, it’s filled with clean, perfect sized waves, sunny blue skies and warm days. That’s exactly how I imagined my week with Surf Sistas.

Yet despite the fact that Hurricane Irma had other plans (think blown out, massive waves and unsurfable beaches), we actually scored on all of the above (with maybe the exception of warmth!). But what I didn’t envisage was how much more I got out of that week – rainbows, secret (and new) surf spots, boat trips, wavehunting, friendship and some really good times!

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The surfer’s journey

By September 29, 2017 Thoughts
The surfer's journey

Hello. It’s been a while…

Sadly the absence from blogging wasn’t due to me being super busy and scoring loads of waves. I lost my head for a while, jacked in the freelancing and did a lot of hiding away at home. My self esteem hit the floor and I felt pretty rubbish.

But I’m ok now. And although I didn’t feel like surfing at times, there were some occasions over the summer where I surfed the best waves of my life. My confidence has increased a lot, to the point where as long as I can physically get out back, I’ll have a go on some pretty hefty waves. I’ve made the effort to get out there, so why not push myself?

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