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Why January has been pretty epic

By January 31, 2017 Thoughts
Cornwall palm trees

I usually hate January. It’s so depressing and the weather’s usually varying shades of grey with lots of rain and wind thrown in the mix. I’ve usually failed on all my resolutions by the second week and spend the rest of the month beating myself up.

This one’s been a bit different. Whilst I’m not all smug and saying I’m smashing it (because let’s face it I’m human and everyone has off days), my determination to look after myself more in 2017 has primarily kept me on track.

Here’s a few things that’s helped to keep me motivated and made January pretty awesome…

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Just doing it in Cornwall

By January 11, 2015 Escape
Post-surf drinks at Praa Sands

Post-surf drinks at Praa Sands

After 2 great surfs in Devon, it was time to head to Cornwall to meet up with my landlocked surf friend Kelly, who had very kindly invited us to stay with her and her husband for the last night of their holiday. I was really looking forward to surfing with Kelly, and hooking up with Pete from Kingsurf to get some pointers on how to work on my pop-up and build my confidence.

The conditions were still very messy and with all the beaches on the north coast around Newquay being blown out, at Pete’s suggestion, we headed south to Praa Sands which I was stoked about. I love checking out new spots and finding out how and when they work best.

Paddle power

When we arrived, we weighed up whether to go in. The tide was high and there was no white water to practise in, just a shore dump, which inevitably meant getting out back. We had driven an hour to get to Praa, it was clean and a beautiful sunny day and ‘just do it’ mode kicked in. Without the safety of the white water it would force me to break out of my comfort zone.

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