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Walking the south west coast path

By April 30, 2017 Love, Thoughts
Walking the south west coast path

April’s been a busy month! I’ve had a lot of client work on which is fantastic, especially as I’m still in the early days of building up my freelance content writing and copywriting business. I’m stoked with the response so far, and to be working with some lovely clients!

Building up a business means putting in the extra hours and days but I took a week off to coincide with my mum’s visit. Lack of time beforehand meant that I still hadn’t managed a surf and wasn’t massively feeling it. So I went with the flow and turned my attention to another love of mine – walking.

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3 reasons why Spoon Cereals has fuelled my granola obsession

By January 24, 2017 Love
Spoon Cereals breakfast granola

Granola is my absolute favourite breakfast. It’s simple, delicious, nourishing and a healthy way to start the day.

I’m always on the lookout for a really good granola, but there’s so many out there on the market that are either bland and boring, or scrummy but just packed with way too much sugar.

So when Spoon Cereals founder (and Kernow surfgirl follower) Jonny contacted me recently (to ask for some non cereal related advice), he sent me 3 boxes of Spoon Cereals granola as a thank you. I was pretty blown away and curious to try it!

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Christmas gifts for cold water surf girls

By November 23, 2016 Love
Christmas gift guide for cold water surf girls

Surfing in the UK in the winter is hard. Scraping ice off your car, getting changed on a freezing car park and jumping into the icy cold sea isn’t for the faint hearted but at the same time, it’s an exhilarating experience.

I’ve surfed in some pretty cold conditions but with the right kit, warm clothes and a few little added extras, it makes the whole thing a lot more bearable!

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September, bucket lists and my 40th birthday

By September 28, 2016 Escape, Love

September in Cornwall

September’s always been my favourite month – the turn of the season, the morning bite in the air, and wrapping up in cosy jumpers. Plus the small fact that it’s my birthday month!

This September has been really amazing! It’s a lot quieter now in Cornwall but we’ve had hot sunny days and plenty of swell. I’ve also had 3 lots of visitors from the Midlands. It’s been crazy busy but a great opportunity to tick some more items off the Cornwall bucket list!

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23 things to tick off my Cornwall bucket list

By July 10, 2016 Escape, Love

Holywell Bay

Despite holidaying in Cornwall for many years, I’ve barely scratched the surface of places to visit, paths to wander, beaches to explore and hidden gems to find.

When we moved to Cornwall 8 months ago, I wanted to explore my new home straight away. Despite it being Winter, I ticked a few things off my list – visiting St Agnes and Port Isaac, walking the coast path around Bedruthan Steps, surfing Polzeath and eating at Lusty Glaze beach restaurant.

But since moving house, working, building up my freelance business, surfing and getting back into my fitness, I haven’t found the time for many day trips.

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Along for the Ride

By July 5, 2016 Love

Meeting author Lisa Glass at the Ride book launch

When I first read ‘Blue‘, a young adult fiction novel set around the surf scene in Newquay, I was landlocked and desperate to read anything I could get my hands on relating to surfing – to connect with it from a distance in anyway possible. I’ve always loved reading and getting totally lost in a good book – I devoured Blue in one sitting.

I remember scouring Amazon a few months before thinking ‘why are there no surf fiction books around that centre on a female protagonist?’ Author of Blue Lisa Glass plugged that gap nicely and had me hooked from the first page. Little did I know that just 2 years later, the town where character Iris and author Lisa lives would also become my home.

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A surf of firsts

By March 27, 2016 Love, Thoughts

Kernowsurfgirl at Polzeath

Sometimes a surf session doesn’t have to be your best for it to still be amazing.

I’ve been waiting for the evenings to get light enough for me to surf after work and with a run of smaller waves, offshore winds and sunny days last week, I spied my chance to head to Polzeath straight after work.

Polzeath sunset

It was the first time I’d surfed after work.

It was also the first time I surfed alone.  I’ve always surfed with other people but my other half was too ill to join in yet despite being the only one in the white water, I didn’t feel remotely nervous or wierd.

It was an amazing evening and really special. I sat out there in the ocean and watched the sun go down feeling so grateful to call this beautiful place home…

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Journey of a yoga newbie

By January 9, 2016 Love

yoga girl

Ok I admit it. The image I once had of yoga was a bunch of pure, clean living hippies chanting ‘om’ and pretending to be trees. The first class I ever tried did nothing to dispel this myth as the teacher asked the class to actually pretend we were trees. I’m not kidding!

But that was one class and one strange form of yoga that wasn’t for me – there are hundreds of types of yoga, teachers and classes out there to convert even the hardiest of yoga cynics.

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10 great things about my first week in Cornwall

By November 30, 2015 Love, Thoughts
Little Fistral main

Hello from the other side…

I have been a Cornish resident for a week now and already I feel at home, like I was always meant to be here. No pangs of homesickness or yearning for my former life.

I took the week off work to focus on unpacking, settling in, getting aquainted with the village where we’re living and get all the boring admin stuff out of the way that goes along with a house move.

It was also a perfect excuse to take some time out and relax after what has been a pretty stressful time.

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Drawing a line in the sand

By November 18, 2015 Love, Surf more, Thoughts

Line in the sane 620x400

Tommorow is the big day.

The day I have dreamed about for so long and it’s now just a few hours away.

The past few weeks have been surreal, sad, exciting and scary. I’ve had so much on my mind that things like my blog, which was once my little sanctuary and way of staying connected to the sea and surfing has taken a back seat.

It was my intention to chart the journey from being landlocked to coastal dweller at every moment but as time slipped by and priorities have changed, I wonder if I will even continue the blog. I feel like a fraud…I shouted from the rooftops about how you can be a landlocked surfer and still make it work. To have the best of both worlds and be totally content…

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