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November, 2016

Christmas gifts for cold water surf girls

By November 23, 2016 Love
Christmas gift guide for cold water surf girls

Surfing in the UK in the winter is hard. Scraping ice off your car, getting changed on a freezing car park and jumping into the icy cold sea isn’t for the faint hearted but at the same time, it’s an exhilarating experience.

I’ve surfed in some pretty cold conditions but with the right kit, warm clothes and a few little added extras, it makes the whole thing a lot more bearable!

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How I changed my life and moved to Cornwall: one year on

By November 20, 2016 Thoughts
South Fistral October

I’m an honest person. I don’t believe in bullshit or painting a rosy picture when I’m having a crap time. I’m also a realist, and knew that uprooting my life and moving it 200 miles away was never going to be easy, but I knew with all my heart that it was the right thing to do.

This is a very honest post about my rollercoaster first year of living in Cornwall.

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