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February, 2016

All in the mind

By February 28, 2016 Surf more, Thoughts


The smaller of the two specks is me!!

This weekend has been pretty epic. Despite it being February, the coldest month in the UK to surf, I pushed myself out of the warmth of the house and into the icy Atlantic – twice. Why? Because of this head over heels in love relationship I have with surfing and my desperate desire to get better at it.

I rarely suffer from lack of motivation but my confidence needs some work. So this weekend, I was determined that things would be different, and with clean small waves forecast, it was the perfect opportunity to try and get out back which still freaks me out. Once my feet can’t touch the floor anymore that’s it, the nerves creep in. I’m frightened of rips, wearing waves on my head and drifting out so far I end up in America.

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Cold water surf days

By February 20, 2016 Surf more


The thought of venturing out into the sea during winter is enough to give anyone the chills. Fortunately this year has been pretty mild so I’ve been getting in at every opportunity. I’ve reaped the benefits of plenty of swell, empty line-ups and uncrowded beaches which has meant more practise time out in the water. I’m even preferring it to the summer months!

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Surfer’s intuition

By February 7, 2016 Thoughts

Surfer's intuition (1)

Do you ever get that feeling when you just know that a surf’s going to go well (or not so well) before you’ve even set foot in the water? Or you see a wave on the horizon and know it’s got epic written all over it (and kick yourself when you miss it)?

I think I’ve got a good gut instinct for things and I’m rarely wrong (without sounding bigheaded). My instinct has averted me from some big mistakes in life but also led me towards some fantastic opportunities.

My gut instinct also translates to surfing. I’m quite intuitive and although I lived inland until recently, I feel pretty in tune with the ocean.

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