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November, 2015

10 great things about my first week in Cornwall

By November 30, 2015 Love, Thoughts
Little Fistral main

Hello from the other side…

I have been a Cornish resident for a week now and already I feel at home, like I was always meant to be here. No pangs of homesickness or yearning for my former life.

I took the week off work to focus on unpacking, settling in, getting aquainted with the village where we’re living and get all the boring admin stuff out of the way that goes along with a house move.

It was also a perfect excuse to take some time out and relax after what has been a pretty stressful time.

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Drawing a line in the sand

By November 18, 2015 Love, Surf more, Thoughts

Line in the sane 620x400

Tommorow is the big day.

The day I have dreamed about for so long and it’s now just a few hours away.

The past few weeks have been surreal, sad, exciting and scary. I’ve had so much on my mind that things like my blog, which was once my little sanctuary and way of staying connected to the sea and surfing has taken a back seat.

It was my intention to chart the journey from being landlocked to coastal dweller at every moment but as time slipped by and priorities have changed, I wonder if I will even continue the blog. I feel like a fraud…I shouted from the rooftops about how you can be a landlocked surfer and still make it work. To have the best of both worlds and be totally content…

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