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September, 2015

Limbo land

By September 27, 2015 Thoughts

Limbo land

I’m in a very strange place right now.

Since putting our house on the market last month, project ‘big move‘ has gathered momentum at a pretty rapid pace. Our house sale is heading towards the final stages now and in the next couple of weeks, we are hoping to have a date for d-day… or maybe that should be C-day.

After the initial surge of excitement, making plans and setting things in motion, the happy feelings have turned towards fear and stress. Only natural I guess with such a big move but I didn’t anticipate the lack of motivation. There’s so much to do and things I wanted to get done before we left the Midlands, like making sure my fitness levels were the best they could be, but I think in my heart, we have already left and in a way, it feels like I have disconnected and switched off.

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