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July, 2015

California dreamin’

By July 30, 2015 Love, Thoughts
Dream trip! The iconic California coast road via wine coast

Dream trip! The iconic California coast road via wine coast

We all have that dream travel destination; the trip of a lifetime bucket list item. We have probably got a picture of it on our fridge, our phone or computer desktop and stare dreamily at it when we are having a bad day and need a bit of inspiration.

For me, it’s the USA.

I have been fascinated by America since I was a child which stems from my dad and his tales of his epic two month road trip across Canada and the States back in the 80’s. I grew up mesmerised by the USA and its culture, favouring American TV shows over our dull British offerings; everything over there seemed vibrant, colourful and cool by comparison. I spent hours pouring over the map, tracing dad’s journey and vowing one day that I would follow in his footsteps.

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Landlocked surfgirl gets a makeover!

By July 26, 2015 Love, Thoughts

High Res logo PNG Post banner

I have been wanting to change the look of my blog for a while now and I’m stoked to finally be sharing it with you!

Thanks to a new theme, some funky little plugins and a very patient and talented husband, the site has a new logo, some clever little features and a much easier to use navigation.

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Lucky escape

By July 19, 2015 Thoughts

Mick and Kelly

I’m sat in front of my laptop writing a blog post with the World Surf League JBay Open final on the big screen. Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson are in the water. Its 5 minutes or so into the heat and Julian Wilson has scored his first wave.

I glance away from the live action back to my laptop screen. The next thing I know, I hear the hooters which usually signify the end of the heat. Something’s very wrong.

I look up to see Mick Fanning scrambling onto the back of a jet ski with head bowed down. My heart’s in my mouth, I’m not sure what’s happened. He doesn’t look injured, but then I see him holding up his leash which has snapped in two and is detached from board.

It’s then that I hear the word ‘shark.’

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Pure stoke

By July 12, 2015 Escape
Processed with VSCOcam

An awesome surf at Saunton!

Two months away from surfing may not sound like a lot, yet in that relatively short space of time so much had happened that took my focus away from it. My husband had an operation, my mindset slid into a negative space, there were jobs to do on the house, the daily grind and then, when we did have a free weekend to get to the coast typically the surf went flat.

Long lost love

My feelings toward surfing became ambivalent for a while. I tried to kid myself that I wasn’t really that bothered about it anymore but deep down, I loved it more than ever. I spent my weeks pining after it…staring doe-eyed at the surf cams and various Instagram feeds of surfers that I follow – people who live by the coast and have surfing on tap. It made me feel worse.

I had also piled pressure on myself – to nail the pop-up, be surf fit, feel some kind of acceptance by the coastal surf dwellers and generally not look like some dumb kook. The pressure built to a point where I had lost my way and forgotten that it was supposed to be fun and not some time pressured competition.

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