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February, 2015

Sweet spot

By February 24, 2015 Escape
Post surf in the Kingsurf shed - one of the best surfs I have ever had!

Post surf in the Kingsurf shed – one of the best surfs I have ever had!

One of the most frustrating things to happen to a landlocked surfer is planning a trip, weeks or even months in advance and then coming home empty handed – usually because it’s either flat or completely blown out which occurs quite often during the UK winter months.

Odds against

Last week, in the days leading up to our weekend surf trip to Cornwall, I watched the surf and weather reports like a hawk and was gutted to discover that the largest spring tide to hit the county in 20 years was fast approaching. Coupled with very strong onshore winds, it was looking unlikely that I would be able to surf.

My objective was try and pop-up. I have been working really hard on my upper body strength and I have been doing some surf specific plyometric exercises to help improve my muscle memory. I wasn’t fussy about green waves – I just needed some safe white water to practise.

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From Turtle Bay to Hossegor…in an afternoon

By February 15, 2015 Thoughts

When two obsessed surf friends get together in the centre of Birmingham, and want a surf/sea themed cafe/bar for drinks and food the chances of finding such a place are…well, impossible. But I like a challenge, so when Surfabella and I arranged a meet up today, I was determined to find somewhere, however tenuous, that would give us that vague connection to the coast.

Turtle Bay Caribbean restaurant and bar...tenuous but a vague link to surfing?

Turtle Bay Caribbean restaurant and bar…tenuous but a vague link to surfing?

Surf vibes

Cue Turtle Bay – a Caribbean restaurant and bar that oozes chilled vibes, amazing food, fab cocktails, reggae tunes and the next best thing to a surf bar that you will find in Birmingham city centre. And although we couldn’t see the sea out of the window, the bar, fairy lights, Bob Marley wall mural and the smells of jerk chicken and coconut wafting from the kitchen almost fooled us into thinking that we were on far flung shores, about to step onto a white sandy beach, pick up our surfboards and head into tropical waters.

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10 awesome surf films

By February 8, 2015 Love

I love lists, especially favourites – books, films, albums, bands, you name it. On my surfing journey, I have discovered so many films that I love but have never documented them in one place. They are scattered around on shelves, at friend’s houses, on my Facebook page and in my browser bookmark list.

In my ‘10 ways to stay stoked‘ post, I mentioned watching surf films as a way of keeping the stoke. Fellow surfer Leah  (who runs a fab blog on her learner surfing journey) contacted me and asked for some tips on what kind of surf films are a good watch. It has inspired two things (thanks Leah!) – this post and more regular short posts that feature some of the beautiful and amazing surf films that are out there on the web.

To start with, here are my 10 favourite surf films and why you should check them out!

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Live like Sally

By February 1, 2015 Love


I love finding out about the pro surfers, especially the females – how they got into surfing, what keeps them motivated and with my increased interest in surf fitness, how they keep themselves in top form.

When I found out about Sally Fitzgibbons’ new book, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! It’s not available yet in the UK so I had it shipped from Australia, signed by the lady herself!

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