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July, 2014

Surf getaway

By July 29, 2014 Escape

At the weekend, we took my cousin surfing. She lives in the same city as me and doesn’t get to surf very often so it was about time we had a little family surf session.

Despite the surf report, a 6-hour journey which should have taken just over 3 (welcome to the British summer holiday traffic!) and my dodgy shoulder (which has been way less dodgy over the past couple of weeks!), we managed to get some pretty cool waves. I was able to give my cousin some pointers and just enjoy being out in the sea for some much needed zen time.

As usual I also did my bit for marine litter by taking just 2 minutes to pick up a few bits of litter of the beach (that’s my latest haul, bottom right in the collage above). It’s part of an initiative created by Martin Dorey (surfer, writer and TV presenter) that’s gathering momentum across the globe called ‘2-minute beachclean.’ The idea is to pick up as much litter as you can in 2 minutes, then bin it, or take it home and recycle it. Simple!

We have all got 2 minutes to spare so next time you are at the coast out walking, or on your back from a surf, do your bit and then post a pic of your rubbish on instagram tagged #2minutebeachclean. You will be helping to protect marine life, the environment and potentially, your health!

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Blue book review

By July 25, 2014 Love
Blue by Lisa Glass

Blue by Lisa Glass

I was so excited to hear about this book in a recent copy of Surfgirl magazine. I have been on the look out for a while for a surf fiction book – thanks Lisa Glass for filling a much needed gap in the market!

Set against the backdrop of Fistral Beach in Cornwall, one of my favourite surf spots, Blue follows the story of Iris, a 16 year old surfer girl who meets chilled-out, gorgeous surf dude Zeke. But is Iris over her ex boyfriend Daniel and what is the story behind Zeke’s trip to Newquay? Queue a plot involving relationships, friendships and of course, plenty of surfing!

It’s an ideal book for reading on holiday and chilling out with post-surf. Its available on kindle and in paperback.

Loved it so much that I have read it twice in 2 weeks!


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Off balance

By July 20, 2014 Surf more
Reiki for surfing?

Reiki for surfing?

Yesterday I had a reiki session. Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing, relaxation and reduces stress, and I thought it may just help to alleviate some of the pain in my shoulder and neck.

Reiki is based on the idea of an unseen life force energy which flows through us and is administered by laying hands on various parts of the body. If our life force energy is low, we get ill or feel stressed. It can help to restore balance to the bodies energy points or ‘chakras‘, clear the mind and increase energy levels.

Many people are sceptical about reiki, as with a number of alternative therapies. I’m very open minded to stuff like that and I think you have you have to believe in it. Whilst I don’t think it will completely heal my shoulder, it certainly helps me to relax.

At the end of the hour, I was shocked at how much my reiki lady picked up without me telling her in advance. From the heat that radiated from my head, shoulder, knees and upper body, she concluded that I had a skeletal issue and said that the right side of my body (the side of my shoulder injury) was off balance. She picked up on my tension, especially in my head – not surprising with what I have had going in my personal life during the past couple of months.

She gave me a couple of crystals – amethyst for headaches and tension and angelite for reducing pain and inflammation. I will be carrying them around with me and putting them under my pillow at night.

Following the reiki session, I felt relaxed, a bit tired but much more focussed. My tension headache that I woke up with had gone and my shoulder actually feels less sore! I have been thinking a lot about my wellbeing over the past couple of days and starting tommorow, I will be overhauling my diet and revisiting my exercise regime. I have asked for a referral from my GP to hopefully get a scan on my shoulder to find out what’s going on. I have also had a workstation assessment for my posture and have some more intensive strengthening exercises from my physio.

Reiki seems to sit naturally with the spiritual side of surfing as it promotes the body’s healing abilities and what better way to chill out and switch off after a heavy surf session? I have heard a lot about yoga and pilates for surfing but what about reiki and other forms of alternative therapies?

How about you? Have you ever used alternative therapies to help heal physical ailments or promote overall wellbeing? How beneficial did you find them?


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Keeping the stoke

By July 13, 2014 Thoughts
Sunset joy, Llandudno beach, Cape Town (Image courtesy of flowcomm via Flickr CC BY)

Sunset joy, Llandudno beach, Cape Town (Image courtesy of flowcomm via Flickr CC BY)

Recently I was asked to write an article about the logistics of being a landlocked surfer and how I keep the stoke in between surf trips.

The truth is, since writing that article, I have been struggling.

My niggling shoulder injury has been really getting to me and despite doing the exercises my physio has prescribed, it doesn’t seem to be improving. I’m due to go surfing with my cousin in a couple of weeks but it looks like I will be sitting on the sidelines having been advised by the physio not to surf for the time being. I must admit, its been hard knowing that some of my surfing friends have been surfing recently while I remain landlocked.

On my train journey home last week, I had a message from a surfing friend…someone who started following my blog and who I met up with recently. Like me, she lives in the West Midlands and is absolutely crazy about surfing. She surfs at Mawgan Porth and hooks up with the guys at KingSurf – the surf school where I have my lessons. We hit it off straight away and spent a few hours trading stories and tips.

I was stoked to hear that after my recommendation, she had been to see Nigel Semmens and put in an order for her first surfboard and got some great advice from him – I was so excited for her! I was especially stoked to hear that I have inspired her to think about what she wants to get out of her surfing sessions and what is currently holding her back. Immediately, this gave me a real kick up the backside to stop feeling sorry myself –  knowing that through my blog I have passed on some useful advice and inspired someone is just amazing!

So I will be looking on this prolonged flat spell (as The Surfing Sumo advised me to think of it) more favourably. I have got some exciting surf related things on the horizon (more details soon!) and in a couple of weeks  I will be able to help my cousin out who only gets to surf a couple of times a year.

I’m far from an expert when it comes to surf knowledge and ability but if I can inspire a few people to try surfing, pass on my experiences and the stoke, then that’s good enough for me :)


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