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October, 2013

Only connect….

By October 17, 2013 Thoughts

Since embarking on this journey, I have wanted to connect with others who, like me, are passionate about surfing – particularly fellow landlocked surfers to find out how they overcome the obstacle of geography, what drives them, and what they do when they are away from the surf. For me, it was also about reaching out, and keeping that connection to the sea and surfing, through our shared love, and being able to share stories, tips and suggestions.

I work in e-learning and using social media is something that our organisation offers a lot of advice on. It’s everywhere we turn these days and used for a variety of purposes – from helping to engage learners in the classroom, to promoting a product a service, or, just simply, connecting with people.

Like many of you, I have a Facebook and Twitter account. As an avid Facebook user, I used it to find out if there were any other landlocked surfers out there. Straight away, I came up withLandlocked Surfers – a group dedicated to those of us who live miles from the sea. The group arrange surf trips and facilitate car sharing, as well as providing a sounding board for all things surfing related. I keep in touch with the group and even won a T-shirt recently (I never win anything….ever!).

I also use Facebook to keep in touch with the guys at Kingsurf Surf School and Taking the Drop (the inspiring story of Kat Conway who as well as being landlocked like me, has given herself the challenge of being able to surf in a year). I also keep in touch with NS Surfboards and Nigel Semmens – sharing our surfing journey on the awesome mini mals they shaped for us. I even ventured into the world of Pinterest – the pinboard style photo sharing site for inspiration and ideas for surfboard designs.Twitter is fairly new territory for me but again, I use it in a similar way to Facebook. I have been chatting to a fellow landlocked surfer who surfs Saunton when he can and spoken to CircleOne who have been very encouraging of my surfing. I follow the surf reports, surf competitions and get info on latest offers and promos from companies like Saltrock and Ann’s Cottage, I also get the latest news from Surfers Against Sewage, the environmental surf charity that I support.

But as well as receiving information through Facebook and Twitter, I use it to keep people out there like you updated when I post a new blog. Not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter though, so Im also exploring things like Google +. There’s even an e-mail subscribe option for this blog too, so if you don’t do social media, you can still get notified of my posts direct to your inbox.

The social media world is our oyster and in my line of work, I’m always on the lookout for new tools to try and test.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve so watch this space!


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What’s in the bag?

By October 2, 2013 Surf more

This one’s for the girls (sorry boys!). I thought I would do a blog post with a difference and share some of my essential surf trip beauty products.

  • Surfers Skin Sunscreen– by far the best product I have found for covering up. It’s easy to apply, waterproof, and as it comes in a solid stick formula, its not messy or greasy. Factor 30 too so for those of us who burn easily, it’s ideal!
  • Bottle of water – surfing makes me really de-hydrated. This is the first item out of my bag when I get back to the beach
  • Roxy cap – when you have just come out of the sea and your hair’s not looking its best, cover up with a hat. This hides my thinning crown which looks worse after taking a battering from the sea!
  • Cleansing wipes – useful for removing last traces of sunscreen, sand and saltwater
  • Hypromellose Eye Drops– essential for dry, irritated eyes from all that saltwater
  • Afro comb/wide toothed comb – the only way to sort out those tangled tresses!
  • Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner – this sulfate free formula nourishes and hydrates whilst repairing and strengthening. Smells gorgeous and comes in a handy travel size
  • Boots Organics Moisturiser– essential for dry, dehydrated post-surf skin
  • Dove 48hr Deodorant – better to have a post-surf shower straight away, but this isn’t possible when I’m doing a day trip surf
  • Lip salve – essential for chapped lips. Cheap and cheerful works for me
  • Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve – the only hand cream I have found to relieve chapped hands. More useful for Autumn/Winter surfs
  • Make up – my skin looks blotchy post surf so I always take my trusty Mac Studio Fix foundation with me. A bit of mascara too (Boots 17 ‘Dolled Up’ – great for adding length and curl) and that’s all I need.
And when I’m looking a bit more human, it’s off to the pub for a post-surf analysis, meal and well-deserved drink! Sometimes even a hot chocolate from the services on the way home


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