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June, 2013

Target weight!

By June 22, 2013 Surf more
First stand up

Desperate to capture that feeling again!

I am stoked and I am jumping for joy! Today I reached my target weight since joining the gym. I have lost 8lbs in the 8 weeks since we joined. I have never managed to reach the weight that I am now before and always hit a ceiling but now, I have smashed it! All that hard work in the gym is paying off!

I have stuck at the sensible eating, the plethora of vitamins and the 1hr 30 mins gym sessions I have been putting in three times a week and the difference is amazing. I have more energy, my skin has never looked so clear, my outlook is positive and any feelings of anxiety have all but disappeared. I now have a structured gym programme too which includes cardio, weights, a bit of boxing (fantastic for stress and tension) and ab exercises. I have got some other things to throw into the mix too like yoga, which is supposed to be fantastic for surfing!

It will be interesting to see what happens with the upper body strength the next time I go surfing. I don’t expect to see instant results and have the strength of Arnie, but hopefully my arms won’t feel like two dead weights.

For reaching target weight, my husband has treated me to the ultimate present – a private surf lesson where it all began in Mawgan Porth with the guys from KingSurf. I can’t wait til the end of July!! Hopefully this will get me back on track and get me beyond being able to just get to my knees! Time to get practising that technique!


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Down time

By June 12, 2013 Love
Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, California

Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, California – image courtesy of Robert Scoble (Flickr)

Keeping myself motivated in between surf trips can be challenging. I want to be doing more than just keeping up with the gym and need a way of almost sharing my love of the coast and surfing, and doing pro-active but related things whilst Im 100+ miles away.

I love to watch surf movies, and they can be really inspiring. One of my absolute favourites is Riding Giants, featuring some of the biggest names in big wave surfing. The first time I saw it, my jaw dropped during the section about Mavericks – the ferocious surf spot in Half Moon Bay, California. I couldn’t believe the hazards that surfers face at Mavericks – sharks, rocks, rip currents, ice cold waters and above all, waves that can top out at over 80 feet. I really admire those that brave Mavericks and whenever I am using the hand bike at the gym and my arms are getting tired, I think about Santa Cruz surf legend Jeff Clark paddling for 45 minutes through the hairy conditions to reach the Mavericks line up. It puts into context my knackered arms from just 5 minutes of ‘arm peddling’!
I also recently read ‘Making Mavericks’ which is a fantastic read for any surf fan or sports enthusiast. It not only tells the story of Frost Hesson who coached famous big wave and soul surfer Jay Moriarity to take on Mavericks (aged just 17), but it also features Frosty’s well learned life lessons and mantras which are truly inspiring. I try and keep some of those mantras in my mind when Im having an off day or a defeatist ‘what’s the point of trying to surf when I live 100+ miles from the coast’ day.
I have also joined Surfers Against Sewage – the Cornwall based organisation which campaigns for improving bathing water quality standards around the UK. They do some fantastic work around climate control, toxic waste and marine liter. They run a series of annual beach cleans – something I have been wanting to get involved in for a while now so I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the Autumn series to be announced.
And during the down time, there’s always that next surf trip to plan for and look forward to!


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